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I'm copying all the other wonderful writers in this fandom and am posting my stories on my web space. All of my stories (unless noted otherwise somehow) are gen fics, and are either team fics, or generally focus on Sheppard and McKay. I'm a sucker for buddy stories, so they wind up stealing more time from all the other characters. I write a lot of humor, action/adventure fics, as well as a little H/C. I have no qualms about whumping my boys, so there might be a little of that as well.

Updated! With my three entries for the 2008 SGA Genficathon.


Fan Fiction:

Season One: (in no particular order)

The Ties that Bind - A series that focuses on team bonding set during Season One, looking at how everyone met, and how they went from strangers to a team to friends.

  • "Simplicity" - (PG) - Gen - Humor/Team Bonding - 13 pgs

    • (Rising, Part One) - How John met Rodney... over and over and over...

  • "A Fighting Chance" - (PG) - Gen - Team Bonding/Semi-Angst - 13 pgs

    • (Rising, Part Two) - "We're standing at the edge of a very steep cliff, Major, and you're about to push us over."

"A Fowl Encounter"
- (G) - Gen - Humor - 4 pgs
Sheppard and his team always encounter the most unusual things...

"Pleasantries" - (G) - Gen - Humor - 4 pgs
Written for the SGAHC 5 minute naked fic challenge. Sheppard and his team encounter the strange habits of one of Teyla's many trading partners.

- (G) - Gen - Humor - 5 pgs
Rodney and John, yet again, in another tight spot.

"Dead or Alive"
(PG-13) - Gen - Action/Adventure - 50 pgs
[One Document]          [Individual Chapters]          Quick Jump: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10]
When McKay's abducted right under the team's nose, it's up to Sheppard to save him before it's too late.

"Nepenthe's Kiss"
(PG-13) - Gen - Humor/Drama - 83 pgs
[One Document]          [Individual Chapters]          Quick Jump: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10] [11] [12] [13] [14] [15]
Ten thousand year old dead plants, Broadway re-enactments, and odes to Risky Business are abound when McKay and Sheppard explore a new section of the city. (Response to the sgafic Dead Plant Challenge)

"Ancient 101"
(G) - Gen - Humor - 3 pgs
Elizabeth tries to teach the expedition a little Ancient. Try being the key word here.

Season Two
(in no particular order)

"Breakdown" - (PG) - Gen - Angst/Hurt Comfort - 21 pgs
There's a breakdown in communication on Atlantis. (Tag for Runner)

"Rough Landings"
(PG) - Gen - Hurt Comfort/Humor - 10 pgs
The people on Sheppard's team are Carson Beckett's best friends... except when they're in the infirmary. (Tag to Condemned)

"Lost in Translation" (G) - Gen - Humor - 4 pgs
Why does everyone in Pegasus speak English anyway?

"This Never Happened to Kirk" (PG) - Gen - Humor/Friendship (with a dash of crack) - 16 pgs
A missing scientist, bar fights, and drunken hillbillies... no one ever said being McKay's babysitter was easy.


Season Three:

"Confessions in the Dark" (G) - Gen - Angst - 3 pgs
"I don't like the man I'm becoming..." (Tag for Misbegotten)

"It's Cauld Out There!" (G) - Gen - Humor/Friendship/Carson and Lorne Whump - 5 pgs
All Lorne wants is to get back to Atlantis. A shirt would be nice too.

"Otters, Otters Everywhere!" (PG) - Gen - Humor - 6 pgs
Carson is being stalked. (Sequel to "It's Cauld Out There!")

"Revenge of the Discs" (PG-13) - Gen - Humor/Friendship/CRACK - 20 pgs
Sometimes you just really shouldn't ask why.

"The Night of the Tentacle" (PG) - Gen - Humor/Friendship/Adventure - 8 pgs
Rodney's seeing things... or is he? (Written for the Jumperbay's Halloween Fic Challenge.)

"Threadbare" (G) - Gen - Humor/Crackish
A good pair of socks are hard to find.

"Into the Woods" (G) - Gen - Humor - 10 pgs     (05/16/2008)
"But does anyone stop to consider that maybe I don't want to be kidnapped?"

"The Physicist Bride" (G) - Gen - Humor - 10 pgs    (05/16/2008)
The blushing bride he was not.

"Wit's End"
(G) - Gen - Angst/Friendship/Hurt/Comfort - 65 pgs    
"Trust me, Colonel, when I do finally snap, I assure you, it's not going to be a pretty sight." -- Everyone has their breaking point, including one Dr. Rodney McKay. 

Season Four:

"By Any Other Name" (PG) - Gen - Angst/Introspection/Friendship - 10 pgs
What's in a name? John's starting to ask himself that very question. (tag to "Adrift" & "Lifeline")

"Unspoken Bond" (PG-13) - Gen - Hurt/Comfort/Friendship - 5 pgs
Actions speak louder than words especially when you don't talk much to begin with.

"Don't Shoot the Messenger" (G) - Gen - Humor
Ronon never bothered with the finer points of Earth's colloquialisms. (Linked from LJ)

Untitled Outcast Tinyfic (G) - Gen - Humor - 1 pg
Because John gave the keys to who...? (Linked from LJ)

"Altruistic Streak"
(PG) - Gen - Friendship - 2 pgs

"One day, John, that altruistic streak is going to get you killed."

"The Spirit of Tradition"
(PG) - Gen - Team/Friendship/Angst - 7 pgs

There is no problem too big to be solved by getting drunk. (Tag for "Kindred II".)


Alternate Universes

"No Traveller Returns" (PG) - Gen - Angst - 5 pgs
It's so much harder 'to be', than to not. Written for SGAHC's 5 minute soul challenge. (A/U tag to "This Mortal Coil")

"Thicker Than Water" (PG-13) - Gen - Angst - 52 pgs
Carson has discovered his own version of Pandora's Box.

Lightswitch Universe (Linked from LiveJournal) - Gen - Humor
What if nothing on Atlantis worked without the ATA gene?

Giant statues, promiscuous prisoners, and ancient dog leashes... they're all still coming.


Music Videos:

As an aspiring editor, making music videos (or vids, as they're affectionately called) is also a hobby of mine. Below are some of the ones I've completed. I've got a thousand and one ideas, so be on the look-out for more.

"Scars": Set to the tune of the Papa Roach song by the same name. This vid was inspired by kodiakbear (formerly M.N. Talbert)'s excellent fic, "There Are No Happy Endings", and mainly focuses on Psycho Ford (with Shep, Ronon, and Rodney as back-up players).
Footage from:  Runner (chiefly), Siege Part 3, Intruder, Rising Part One, Suspicion, Letters from Pegasus
Size: 24.9 MB
(right-click to "Save As..."):
SGA Scars.wmv

"Through the Glass": A music video dedicated to the fourth season Stargate Atlantis episode "Doppelganger", set to Stone Sour's "Through the Glass". Focus on John, Rodney, and the rest of the Atlantis team.
Footage from: Doppelganger, exclusively
Size: 31.1 MB
(right-click to "Save As..."):
SGA Doppelganger - Through the Glass - Final.wmv



The Jumperbay Archive The archive for the Jumperbay Yahoo Group. Has tons of authors and stories, all of them good, and all of then gen! So kick back, relax, and pull up a few stories and spend the afternoon with your favorite characters -- as you'd see them on the show!
The Jumperbay Yahoo Group An all gen SGA yahoo group. I think like 95% of my favorite SGA authors post their stories here. It's a relatively quiet group, but don't let that scare you away! Everyone here is friendly, and it's run by the one and only NebbyJen.
 SGAHC Yahoo Group In my opinion, the best place to go for Stargate Atlantis fanfic. As the name of the group suggests, it's primarily about the hurt/comfort genre, and a good majority of the fics are gen (there is some slash and het as well), but everything posted there is worth at least one, if not two reads.
Tipper's Stargate Atlantis Fics Tipper's SGA fan fiction site. All of her fics are gen, and are great reads. I especially recommend "People Watching" and "Bioluminescence". Simple words cannot express the coolness that is the Tipper.
Sable Cain's Stories Another fellow Rodney whumper, and all-around great writer. I just recently discovered her stuff (she's been around for a while), but she's great!
NotTasha's Trail of the Ancients The infamous NotTasha, whumper extraordinaire, and tour guide on the Trail of the Ancients.
Escape Through the Gate In addition to being one of the nicest people I know, Heidi (imskysmom) writes awesome stories full of action, adventure, angst, humor, and best of all, pure gen. "Jurassic Snark" has got to be one of my favorite SGA stories.
Kolyaaa's Fics It's a shame he's a villain... because he writes so well! Although I have to say, I'm a bit concerned for the cow. Kolyaaa writes absolutely hillarious (yet at the same time, sometimes very heart-wrenching) epics. And I have to say, I cannot respect him more for how he deals with Mary Sues ;)
The Great Whumps, Laughs, and Aww Worthy Stories of Atlantis All right, I'm technically linking myself since this is the C2 I created (which was actually the first SGA C2 on Fanfiction.net, aww I made history ;)but is basically a very long rec list of everything that I've found on fanfiction.net. There's so many stories there that I'm sure I've missed something good.
The Ancient Database All of the SGAHC fics that were posted on fanfiction.net are found here. Very recommended reading.
Fanfiction.net - Stargate: Atlantis The Atlantis section on fanfiction.net. There are literally thousands of stories listed here, from every genre you can think of. There's even a few stories of the Beckett/Command Chair shipping (I kid you not). You could spend weeks here.
Gateworld The place to go for anything Stargate. I use the omnipedia a lot to try and check facts in my fics.

I'm sure there's a heck of a lot more sites that I've missed. If you can think of any, just give me a shout out and let me know! :)


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